The Impotence of Technology

Whenever you consider the mainstream’s portrayal of technologies, you are only presented the rose coloured glasses’ view of the issues brought about by their introductions. Rainbows and Unicorns for all thanks to everything now being “smart”. No longer will you have to worry about any responsibility in life, the Internet of Things (IOT) shall be your master. You will become its helpless servant.

All devices will contain an ever increasing array of sensors that report all back to a centralized entity. None of which is collected will ever be truly known by you. A conglomerate of commercial and governmental interests regularly purchase this data from a shadowy network of data brokers. Your life’s intimate details are simply a commodity now openly bought and sold.

The era of scientific modern technology is properly hailed as mankind’s greatest achievement. Technology has become the equivalent of the idol in the minds of the majority. A false god that only imprisons minds and darkens souls.

Technology has failed us across many fronts. Yet, few question the failures especially those in the cultural realm. The misuse of technology by humans is technology’s greatest menace. Technology is nothing more than an extension of ourselves both the good and the bad. Nothing less should ever be expected of it. History has repeatedly proven that if anything can be abused. It will be proven correct again.