Google endangers Norton users then prompts the user for a Google rescue .

The EU has sued Google for antitrust law violations and are filing suit again.

Meanwhile here in the Unites States of Americha Google models itself after the robber Barrons Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. They go unabated and free to violate the law under the U.S. corrupt and degraded just-us system.

Those that forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

In the upper right corner of the screenshot below it says; Norton Security Toolbar support has been removed- Our new google chrome extensions offer similar online browsing protection features and only takes a moment to install. Stay Protected.

This is a crime against freedom of choice and a criminal hostile takeover violation of contract between the user and Norton Antivirus, all perpetrated by the criminal thugs at Google.

I chose to remain UNPROTECTED then downloaded the browser “Brave” and found all my bookmarks and passwords locked down by Google making manual installation of bookmarks and passwords the only escape from Google Chrome. Now I’m freed from constantly erasing Google’s illegal key stroke and mouse tracker tools (Sw-Reporter).

Protect yourself from these unabated criminals, the Just-us department chooses to allow them to roam around and do whatever they please including but not limited to treading over the law and the rights of the people in their antitrust campaign to own the internet and all trade herein.


EU moves to sue Google again, meanwhile the U.S. remains complacent and takes no action, just silent standby as usual.

America has cancer and it’s not being treated.