Our lives usually usually move along quite predictably until they don’t.  It could be a favorite pet dying, a home being destroyed, or a serious illness.  The commonality is that our lives will never again be the same.  Change can be both a destroyer or a booster to a new heights.  The most important part of change is managing change.

For most, the hardest thing to realize is that our emotions and beliefs literally do not matter when making critical decisions.  We will experience these emotions; that is a fact.  Failure to recognize that belief is not necessarily fact is another endemic problem faced by nearly all.  However,  the ability to separate the decision making process from one’s emotions and beliefs is imperative to successful change management.

Change must be stoically faced.  Change is neither friend nor enemy.  It is.


Antibiotic Resistant Microbes Found in Water

This is the exact news that I’ve been waiting to hear.  Just think, I used to only have to be worried about brain eating amoeba and maybe some flesh eating bacteria.  The amount of pharmaceuticals in our surface waters is surprising in sheer numbers of them.

Researchers in Germany have raised the alarm after discovering bacteria immune to antibiotics in several streams, rivers and lakes. Thousands of people in Germany die each year from diseases caused by these pathogens.

Service is Dead and Rules Rule

I recently had to acquire some materials for a client project and proceeded to order them.  The first problem happened when I placed the client’s address into the delivery address box during the order.  The final order confirmation indicated it was to be delivered to my home which is not a good thing as I live deep in the hood.   I have had this account established at this business for ten years and have been ordering things for clients for the past seven with zero problems so why now.

I then attempted to try the phone call method of getting my order delivery address changed.  I was told it had been done by an overextended Asian.  What had been done was that a major spanner had been thrown into my plans.  Both packages arrived at my home, but due to some clerical error by the overworked, underpaid overseas back office worker.  The delivery service would not give me the packages all the while standing in front of my home, the delivery address.  I now have to take a one hour round trip to pick them up at the distribution center when I should be making money.  It’s amazing how globalization has made it possible for a demotivated individual to interfere with someone’s life 10 time zones away.

The other point I wish to make is how all creativity is being systemically purged from all levels of society.  Absolute obedient conformity to group is the only thing allowed anywhere these days.  Conformists are so blinded by conforming that they cannot find their way out of a wet paper bag.  I fear a future where creativity is suppressed.  Who will figure out new ways of making things?  Who will create great works of art?  Who will invent anything?  Who will ask the questions that should not be asked?

Conformity is a mono-culture of yes men.  Conformity is doom.

The End of Summer

Though fall is still six weeks away, one can now see the first signs of it.  The fig tree’s leaves are beginning to wilt.  The mornings are noticeably cooler.   Sunsets are a bit more spectacular.

Fall is the best season.  Enjoy it!