Imagine yourself falling into cold waters only to be immediately surrounded by two circling dolphins forming a circle of protection. The old sailors’ tale of a shark being in the water whenever dolphins perform this action most clearly rang through my head.

My new found sea buddies flanked me as we made the 100m swim back to the beach. They only abandoned me once in knee deep water only to return from whence they came. The Great White periodically hunts these very same waters right up to the point where the waves break upon the sands to stalk prey. This was the only shark that could have been in these waters at that temperature and time of year. Why does a dolphin protect another mammal from danger?

It was a weird experience for me on so many levels. I will never view a dolphin in the same light.

2 thoughts on “Dolphins

  1. It'sallbs

    It’s quite common for dolphins to protect people form sharks and why they do is unknown.
    The Orca (not actually a whale but the largest of the dolphins) is known to hunt Great Whites.

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