Civility is Dead

I’ve been around for more than a half century. Never, have I seen such levels of perfidy and ungracious behaviour in my entire life. It happens on the Internet, in real life, and in business. Almost everyone is either trying to outright fleece others or else forcing their will upon others. Honor is now nearly extinct.

We have never been perfect nor will any of us ever be. Yet, there are ones who gleefully take pride in making mountains out of mole hills . Unable to see the glaring imperfections that lie within themselves, they lash out at anyone who even meekly challenges their worldview. Snowflakes are encouraged, created, and flourish under this environment. Your inability to be objective will one day be your undoing. The World does not rotate around your ass.

Our political orientations do not matter. I’ve witnessed the death of civility on all sides of the political spectrum. Frankly, I am growing weary of all of the vitriol and drama. I refuse to accept it any more and will do my part to stop it. Learn to spread love not hatred.

2 thoughts on “Civility is Dead

  1. mgtower

    It’s easy to be labeled a xenophobe by cultural Marxists intent on stealing your culture and very identity, women are women and men are men no matter how hard the confuse themselves otherwise.

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  2. jacksonsghost

    Every decade that passes seems to manifest even more deterioration. Frankly, I’m tired of it and will no longer tolerate a lack of basic decorum.


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