The Autometronic system of government

If you find yourself caught up in debt and hardships after doing all right things and living a life of financial balance and avoiding payment defaults, debt, and collection agencies.

Thank your Automatronic forms of governments that go full steam ahead in spite of recessions and political turmoil, nothing slows them down aside from violent revolutions or abject poverty of its subjects, they tend to double down with exorbitant interest rates, penalties and property seizures including imprisonment in the cases of child support and alimony defaults.

Educating a New Generation :Pondering Principles

So, there you are, wondering WTF just happened? I always payed my debts regardless of the failing or sluggish economy, and now the unstoppable overburdening government is seizing everything I worked so diligently hard for! WHY?

Obamacare – a tax on life | deliberatingdave

Nothing slows the gauntlet of government, not disasters, not economic collapse, recessions, depressions, nothing! They just keep on charging forward oblivious to the hardships they cause and suffering they exacerbate, they want theirs as if the “good times” never stopped rolling! They just roll over the people and riffle through their pockets like a band of bullies, or better yet, a band of thieves, just taking and taking as they please.


And why do they do this? Because they have wants and needs that far exceed any of the wants and needs of the despots they enslave through binding agreements placed on them since birth. You are their commodity, the produce, their lemon to squeeze, no matter if you’re starving, homeless, and financially insolvent, they demand you pay up with the threat of fines and imprisonment for simply being a victim of the circumstances they created with their lavish outlandish needs.

American Tyranny: Our Tax-Apocalypse Cause for the Fair ...

The greatest nations and civilizations on earth have all perished from the earth because they consider not the damages they create with their endless gauntlet of gluttony and lavish wants over needs, however, they do not perish without allot of suffering, hardships, revolutions, rebellion, and justice finding its way back to the hierarchy by striking them and their families down for their animistic treatment and extraction of human beings.

Sunday, December 8, 2013 | 19april1775

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