Time to exit yet another building on fire!

Sometimes one must accept they live in Dresden Germany at he height of WW-II

Like the Tokyo fire storms started by incendiaries the bomber crews noticed windows and doors in the updrafts at high altitudes! The secret to life is to avoid all the plumes!

2 thoughts on “Time to exit yet another building on fire!

  1. In times of tribulation, do you wilt or do you stand for freedom?

    Every freedom loving man, woman, and child must not fear. We are born into these dark times and must accept that the future depends on what we choose to do as individuals. The recent Supreme Court case ruling 9-0 against civil asset forfeiture is a sterling example of people from opposite persuasions standing up for what is right, rejecting greed, and leaving our World a better place.

    If they can unite, then we shall unite to oppose tyranny in all of its forms.

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  2. mgtower

    The mark of a good and decent man is a man that refuses to hammer others with tyrannical laws and orders just because he can. A bad man is intolerant of others and their choices in survival, he uses the hammer of injustice just because he can! It’s the benchmark of a tyrant.

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