It’s MG-Tower hour!

I have arrive in yet another mysterious corner of the universe!

Uncle C’s reminds me of the old gas stations with CocaCola in glass bottles next to the Eco-Air tire-flator and the cars being repaired were long, wide, round, and had big fins and lots and lots of CHROME!

Thank-you for having me C, It’s a nice corner and I’ve always been told to go stand in the corner by the man hating feminists that took it out on boys just because we’d become men someday.

Gynocentrism and feminism is lethal in all its evil and seductive forms, its made men and women legal adversaries throughout western civil and criminal law, making men the underdog just for being stronger, transferring chivalry and charity to a function of government under the pretense of equality, and only offered to women.

It drives everyone to the lowest denominator dehumanizing everyone in the process.

We’ll all be weak, extracted, and impoverished with this philosophy set in legal motion, written in legal stone, and made the law of the land.

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