Antibiotic Resistant Microbes Found in Water

This is the exact news that I’ve been waiting to hear.  Just think, I used to only have to be worried about brain eating amoeba and maybe some flesh eating bacteria.  The amount of pharmaceuticals in our surface waters is surprising in sheer numbers of them.

Researchers in Germany have raised the alarm after discovering bacteria immune to antibiotics in several streams, rivers and lakes. Thousands of people in Germany die each year from diseases caused by these pathogens.

2 thoughts on “Antibiotic Resistant Microbes Found in Water

  1. mgtower

    Water born illness like red tide have killed countless people, but the new strains of communicable diseases have conquered the strongest of antibiotics known, and new genetic strains of antibiotics are always being developed. It’s a war against the little guys and we’re loosing!

    Preventable diseases and viruses are now common place wherever the Cultural Marxists set foot and get their way.

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